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Quinn Ianniciello (ay-yah-nee-chel-oh) is currently Creative Director for The Climate Pledge at Amazon, in Seattle, Washington. A born-and-raised Pacific Northwest islander, he likes hats, 90's R&B, blackberry pie, and being outside. He’s a multidisciplinary creative leader—helping craft identity systems, launch digital experiences, build environments, and create thoughtful content for global retail and lifestyle brands. Say hello, or take a tentative scroll through his Instagram to see if he’s a good fit.

Roll Call 

Vail Resorts
Coast Hotels
Delta Dental
Fred Hutch
Carnival Cruise Lines
Columbia Bank
Sound Transit
Dusted Valley Vintners

Notable Stuff

An Arena Where the Goal Is ‘Net Zero’ Carbon Emissions, Even From Fans
The New York Times: October 2021

Amazon Climate Pledge: Two Years In And Going Strong
Forbes: September 2021

Further, Faster, Together: Putting the Climate Pledge into Action
Cannes Lions: June 2021

Nature-Based Solutions Are Essential to Fight the Climate Crisis
Bloomberg: February 2021

How REI Is Keeping #OptOutside A Black Friday Tradition
Fast Company: November 2017

How REI Is Expanding Its Blockbuster #OptOutside Campaign for 2016
AdWeek: October 2016

Millions OptOutside on Black Friday
USA Today: November 2016

REI’s #OptOutside Returns for 2016 With Aims to Become a New American Tradition
AdAge: October 2016

People Are Shunning Black Friday So They Can #OptOutside Instead
Huffington Post: November 2016

2013 National Addy Awards, Non-Traditional, Silver (Title Design)
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Reserach Center Gala Video

2013 Marketing Northwest Awards, Print Advertising, Big M Winner
"Do Not Come To Ketchikan"

2012 IAC Awards, Outstanding Online Video
“Checking In” Mobile Site

Featured: UnderConsideration "For Print Only" Blog
"Facts Don't Lie" Poster Package

Featured: UnderConsideration "For Print Only" Blog
Upselling Upscale: Bellevue Towers Toolkit

Featured: UnderConsideration "For Print Only" Blog
Boomtown Wine Label

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