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REI: Holiday — Alaska

Art Direction: Quinn Ianniciello
Copywriting: Torin Daniels
Photography: Carina Skrobecki
Styling: Holly Gits
Production: Whitney Parsons, Linda Nordstrom
Catalog: Holiday 2017

For our 2017 Holiday season, we went in search of a real winter—and we found one, close to our back yard in one of the last true wild areas of our country. Where things are a bit slower paced. Where wrap parties land at roadside taverns like “The Pit.” Where the northern lights can be found at 2 a.m. freezing, in the middle of a frozen lake. Our Holiday season featured the snowy north with all the warm fuzzies, rooted in Alaskan herritage and brought inspiration to millions during the most wonderful time of the year. Shot on location in Seward, Alaska. 

⚐ concept     ⚐ design     ⚐ art direction     ⚐ film

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