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REI: Studio Photography 

Creative Direction: Quinn Ianniciello
Art Direction: Quinn Ianniciello
Photography: Ivan Lasso, Daniel Silverberg
Styling: Drancy Anania 
Production: Heather Martin

In 2018, we launched a new vision for industry-leading e-commerce apparel photography featuring expressive new styling, lighting, and models. This previously “functional” imagery represents the co-op at the critial moment of purchase, was similar to retail competition, and lacked alignment with a key brand value—we believe the outdoors are for all. We radically changed the approach to expected and stuffy product photography and led representation of real people—inclusive of any body type, race, gender, or orientation—while breathing fresh life into the digital experience. 

Previous e-commerce product photography was functional, expected, and lacked diversity.

©2024 Quinn Ianniciello — A Creative Director in Seattle, WA.  (Hey!✌🏼)