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REI: Membership Brand

Art Direction: Quinn Ianniciello
Copywriting: Amy Cook
Photography: Carina Skrobecki
Styling: Drancy Anania
Cinematography: Jonathan Houser
Editing: Katie Van-Fleet
Production: Whitney Parsons, Mary Beth Lavender

How do you represent a movement? Those who play, teach, protect and come together in—and for—the outdoors. That’s the power of the REI Co-op. 16 million strong and growing. I led a unified creative vision for membership across all REI brand touchpoints, from film to direct mail, photography styling, and rewards campaigns, bringing the co-op together—are you in?

⚐ concept     ⚐ design     ⚐ art direction     ⚐ film

*Steven thought this was the best commercial he has ever seen in his entire life.

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