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REI: Summer — Baja

Creative Direction: Quinn Ianniciello
Copywriting: Torin Daniels, Chelsea Davis, Corina Carrizales
Design: Laine Cherashore
Photography: Carina Skrobecki, Ali Vagnini
Film: Jonathan Houser, Amy Enser
Styling: Holly Gits
Production: Linda Nordstrom
Film Production: Whitney Parsons, Alissa Hudson
Catalog: Summer 2018

Read and explore the full travel journey
The Long Way South on the Co-op Journal. 

15 days. 1,600 miles. 10 crew members, and four bad-ass women bravely packed into a smelly ‘98 4Runner. There’s very few brands that just say “ok, sure” when the creative team cooks up the idea of a non-stop roadtrip from San Diego to the southern tip of the Baja peninsula, but REI is always up for the challenge. For our summer ‘18 campaign, we envisioned The Long Way South—a road trip to end all road trips. Tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A line item for “bribe money,” and weeks full of surf, sand, and sun inspired our customers through film content, social contests, catalogs, emails, in-store experiences, and more to think differently about their summer adventures and make time for moments that matter on the road. 

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“The Long Way South — Feature Length (7:45)” 

“The Long Way South — Teaser Short (:15)”

Social Ad Units — “Summer Sweepstakes Announcement (:37)”

Social Ad Units — “We Out Here (:10)”

Social Ad Units — “Roadside Distractions (:10)”

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